08 April 2019

Statement - SCG turf

“We wish Terry Antonis a speedy recovery from his injury. Player safety and a safe playing surface are paramount concerns for the SCG.

 “The incident took place two metres off the SCG’s wicket square on mature turf that had been replaced in February.

“As is normal practice, the field has been inspected by independent experts in the past two weeks, with satisfactory results recorded for all codes.

“Hardness levels are consistent across the entire field and well within acceptable levels. No issues were raised during inspections of the field of play by match or team officials before the recent training sessions and fixtures.

“The SCG wicket block, and its Bulli Soil foundation, has been in situ since 1888.

“The SCG will continue to work closely with its sports partners and the governing bodies to ensure the best possible playing surface for all codes.

“The SCG will also work closely with Sydney FC and the FFA to address any concerns prior to future matches."

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