Member Advisory Groups

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground has member advisory panels to improve the flow of information and understanding of current operations and any future works.

The SCG is also a member of the community consultation committee (CCC) that has been formed as part of the Sydney Football Stadium Redevelopment. Details about the CCC, including minutes, will be available from the project website

The Members Advisory Group (MAG) and Stadium Club Advisory Group (SCAG) meet on a regular basis. 

The Members Advisory Group (MAG) was formed to provide feedback on plans that impact the membership experience.

The current membership of the MAG is available below, as are minutes of past meetings. 

The membership of the SCAG is also available below, as are minutes.

The advisory groups enable the SCG  to better understand the concerns of its members, sports partners, neighbours and other stakeholders.

Until January 2019, the SCG also convened a Trust Advisory Group (TAG) to provide feedback and advice on current and future plans for the SCG precinct and the operation of lands under the control of the Trust.

The minutes of past meetings are available below.

The operation of the TAG has been suspended given the establishment of the CCC, which overlaps on aims, content and membership.



Members Advisory Group - Members

Members Advisory Group - Members

Chair - David Gilbert (member-elected Trustee)

Deputy Chair - Phil Waugh (member-elected Trustee)

SCG representatives - Kerrie Mather, Matt Baker, Jackie De Oliveira



Second term members are - 

John Flitcroft, Fabiola Gibson and Phillip Raymont

First term members are - 

Michael Bodey, Margaret Cassidy, Justin Chambers, Tony Flanery, Annette Janic, Jessica Keen, Matthew Owen, Gillian Tegg and Alan Weeks